A planet and realm that is a main target for weird events and strange sightings.

Terra's History

4.57 billion years old and still around however there are realms and gates. These realms and gates are hidden. The name Terra comes from Latin terra meaning "ground".

Flora & Fauna

Terra has so many animals that each day a new one is discovered.

History of sightings

The sightings of the weird and unexplain traces back to the Stone Age of man. Weird creatures ruled the planet but giants, ghouls, and monsters hunted man down. Then came the Tool Age when man started to hunt with advanced weapons. They started to paint weird pictures of animals on cave walls. Then came the Copper Age and the Bronze Age where humans fought these creatures with weapons made of copper and bronze.

Ancient World of nightmares

The ancient civilizations were even victims of nightmarish creatures that hunted humans down. The legends of the Minotaur, Gorgons, Hydra, and more frightening monsters were common.

Nightmares of the Middle Ages

The most hated creature of them all was the Devil, an ancient fear that was remembered throughout many cultures as a menace to mankind. He received many names and his most notable lie is to make the inhabitants of that world to believe that he does not exist. He was called Ahriman, Satan, Lucifer, Seth, etc. He is thought to be an antagonist to the God of Good, but most scholars argue that he does not have the same power as the Good God. He was his creation, after all, so he is an inhabitant of the universe and he is ruled by the same rules as everyone.

Lilith is thought to be his wife. She was punished and her offspring was killed. In return, she kills every infant she finds and eats him/her with pleasure. The pleasure of revenge. Both of them, Lilith and the Devil are from the race known as demons. They are not immortal not god like, just they live much time compared to Terra normal inhabitants.

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