Terra is the fourth planet from the sun and the second habitable terrestrial planets orbiting it, completing an orbit in 365.2 Terran days (with an average day on Terra being roughly 24 hours). It is the second largest terrestrial planet in the Solar System. Named after the (local civilisation) goddess of agriculture and soil, it is the homeworld of the humans and supports a vast ecology of life. It has one moon orbiting it, known as Luna, which orbits Terra every 30 days.

Planet Terra is nicknamed the "Bluest Sol Triplet" as it has the highest amount of water present out of the three terrestrial planets of the inner solar system which have a similar size, composition, and similar characteristics. It is sometimes refered to as Earth by the local inhabitants, although the use of the name is uncommon at best. It was known as Norsos by the humans of Terrignis, before its local name was revealed to them when first contact was established between them. Some still refer to it as Norsos, however, especially around the (insert name) basin.

The name Terra was given to the planet by the (insert ancient civilisation here). In mythology, Terra was the goodess of Earth and her male complement was thought to be Tellurus, who was banished from her side after (insert emotional mythological tale here), never to be allowed to return, but forced to be able to see her from afar. The tears she wept for her husband gave the planet its water in the form of rain, which inadvertantly allowed crops to grow.

The humans of Terra...

Terra formed around 4.54 Billion Years ago and life appeared on its surface within 1 billion years. About 69% of Earth's surface is covered in salt water oceans while the other 31% is made of rocky land.


  • Gravity: 1G
  • Diameter:
  • Average temperature:
  • Surface:
  • Atmosphere:
  • Composition:

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