Map of Terra II

Terra II is a world similar to Earth. On Terra II still live dromaeosaurids, including the 7-metre long Utahraptor. The surface of Terra II is completely covered in water, except for a single continent in the northern hemisphere.

Terra II is a world dominated by a single state, the Terran Federative Empire. However, a successful rebellion in the large northern province has created a new Republic of Vinovia.

States of Terra II

  • Terran Federative Empire
    • Central Province
    • Northeast Province
    • Island Province
    • East Province
    • South Province
    • West Province
    • Tropical Province
  • Republic of Vinovia
    • West Vinovia
    • East Vinovia
    • Islands of Solitude
    • Quviasuk
    • Qanniq

History of Terra II

Year Event

Founded Terran Federative Empire

161 South Province Conquered
223 Northeast Province Conquered  
304 Island Province Conquered
416 West Province Conquered
580 Tropical Province Conquered
642 North Province Conquered
1443 Independence of Vinovia
1462 Present

Terran Religion

There is one religion across Terra II. It is based on the worship of three godesses, who lead a vast pantheon. Mariena is the godess of death and her temple is on one of the Islands of Solitude. Saga is the godess of the ocean and her temple is in South Province. Easter is the godess of the sun and her temple is in Island Province.

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