Flag of Terran Federative Empire

The Terran Federative Empire is the larger of the two states on Terra II. The federal government is an absolute monarchy under the Terran Emperor who is advised by the elected Federal Assembly, but most government regulation is done at the provincial level.


The emperor has complete control over politics at the federal level. He with his allies in the corporations and the nobility cooperate to preserve the empire, which has lasted for over a thousand years. The emperor is advised by the Federal Assembly, a bicameral parliament where the lower house is elected in partisan elections and the upper house is a council appointed by the emperor which manages the everyday business of the federal government.

Federal Assembly

House Chosen By Functions Number of Members
Senate Emperor Advise the Emperor and Manage the Government 100-200
House of Commons Parties and Citizens Promote Conservatism and Loyalty to the Emperor 450

Politics in the Terran Federative Empire are dominated by four large political parties.

  • Liberal Democratic Party
  • Conservative Party
  • Green Party
  • Imperial Heritage Party

All of these parties support loyalty to the emperor, social conservatism and environmentalism. They are all controlled by imperial and corporate elites.



Map of the Terran Federative Empire

  • Central Province
  • Northeast Province
  • Island Province
  • East Province
  • South Province
  • West Province
  • Tropical Province


The economy of the Terran Federative Empire is a market economy dominated by the emperor. It is mostly comprised of moderately sized corporations which usually only operate in a single province. These corporations have tight control over all major political parties, and are often lead by friends of the emperor and people with origins in nobility. Large-scale production is rare in the empire and ordinary citizens have no access to luxuries.

Class System

  • Imperial Family
  • Corporate Elites and Nobility
  • Military
  • Poor

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