Terraplén Subway
International sta rush.jpg
A subway train waits for passengers at International-Terraplén station.
Type Rapid transit
System Ivalion Metrorail
Locale Ivalion, Califia
Terminals Redding Park
Stations 30
Daily ridership 352,527 (avg. weekday)
Opened June 5, 1947
Owner Ivalion County Transportation Authority
Operator(s) Ivalion County Transportation Authority
Depot(s) Northridge yard
Donovan yard
Track gauge Standard Gauge
Electrification Third rail

The Terraplén Subway is the oldest and busiest of the 8 Ivalion Metrorail lines in Ivalion County, Califia, Ivalice. It is operated by the Ivalion County Transportation Authority and has 30 stations. It was opened in 1947, with extensions completed in 1954 and 1972. The Terraplén line was originally called simply the "Metrorail" until the first extension to University in 1954. From 1954 until 1968, it was known as the Red Line, adopting its current name in 1968.

The line, along with the Center Subway and Dalton Subway, is one of three Ivalion Metrorail lines to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Headways are 5 minutes outside of rush, and 90 seconds and 60 seconds for Express and Local respectively during rush.


The Terraplén line opened on June 5, 1947, between Redding Park and International, Ivalice's first subway.


The two services using the Terraplén Subway, the Terraplén Express and Terraplén Local, are colored red on maps, trains, and signs. Both travel the extent of the line from Redding Park to Donovan, although the Express skips several stops south of International station.

The Line starts at the northern edge of Redding Park, and travels under Terraplén along the Oceanfront, past the James Bridge, and down the Harbor's east shore. Continuing through the Colonial District, it enters the suburbs, following the Donovan Freeway, and ending at the Kingsview Highway.