Terrignis is the third planet from the sun, and the first of the habitable terrestrial planets orbiting it, completing an orbit in 2xx Terran days (with an average day on Terrignis being roughly 22.3 hours). Terrignis is named after the Asshan god of fire. It has one moon in orbit, known as Mars (?), also sometimes referred to as a planet [1], which is more massive than Terra's moon Luna. Terrignis and Mars orbit their common centre of mass in 33 Terran days.

Planet Terrignis is commonly nicknamed the "Brightest Sol Triplet" as it is one of the three terrestrial planets of the inner solar system which have a similar size, composition, and similar characteristics. Another aspect of this nickname is it is the closest planet to the sun which supports life and is covered in water, thus making it appear as the brighest star on both Terra and Tellurus (after the sun and their respective moons). Previously known as Naeen to the human inhabitants of Terra, when contact was first established between humans of Terrignis and Terra the local name of the planet was revealed, and the name soon stuck.

Terrignis has been seen from Terra since the first men emerged on the planet (as it is by far the brightest star in the night sky), while its secondary planet was noted in the 16th century by early astronomers. In mythology, Terrignis was the god of fire and was prayed to so that the volcanoes could be kept at bay and not destroy their crops and homes as well as their families [2].

Both planets support life and support "human" countries.

The humans of Terrignis...


  • Gravity: 0.93G
  • Diameter:
  • Average temperature:
  • Surface:
  • Atmosphere:
  • Composition:



Terrignis and its moon

  1. In the current scientific world, there is much controversy surrounding the discussion on whether Mars (?) is a moon of Terrignis or if Terrignis and Mars are both double planets
  2. Terrignis is the most volcanically active planet out of the Sol Triplets, thus making sense why the name would be adopted to refer to the planet as a whole

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