The Tesecan Isles is a collective term for three moderately sized islands, south of the southernmost tip of Sulangu. Two of the islands make up the nation of Teseca and the third, the most densely populated, is the autonomous republic of Ingiss, which is loosely controlled by Teseca with many of its own laws. The islands trade with Sulangu a large amount, in particular with the Ranali city of Soet, and also with Hanu and the Aradech city of Cherak. 

The islands have a population overall of 22 million - 10.4 million on Ingiss, 7.8 on the north island Kanchok and 3.8 on the southern island of Usteneacha, the majority of those people concentrated in the central city of Bursis.


Ingiss is mostly flat, with few forests, and is predominantly made up of large fields producing crops, which are transported in large quantities to Sulangu. Kanchok is more uneven, but has few mountains and has patches of large, humid jungle towards the south. Usteneacha is entirely rainforest, the only city Buris founded in a clearing of trees cut for use as wood further north. Aside from Il-Soator the Tesecan isles are the hottest locations in Keltia, and its inhabitants are innately darker-skinned than those living elsewhere.

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