Tessa Sharples

President of the Kruz Islands

      11 February 2014  - in office

Predecessor : Michael Azoff

         Leader of the     Progressive Democrats

3 September2012 - 20 February 2014

Minister of Education

    February 2005 - February 2008

Government Spokesperson

     February 2005 - February 2008

Secretary of State for Western Barnava

October 2009 - 11 February 2014

     MP for Flydale District

February 1999 -  in office

Personal Details

Birthdate : 20 october 1971 

Birthplace : Honga City

Citizenship : Kruzean

Job : journalist

Political Party :  Progressive Democrats

Spouse : Andrew Sharples

Children : Louise, Lucas, Samy

Alma Matter : Manawonga University

Tessa Jane Sharples (born 20 October 1971), is the current President of The Kruz Islands. She is the second woman to be elected president.

Born in Honga City (WB), she is a graduate of Manawonga University (Honga), and worked as a civil rights activist before becoming a journalist. She is perfectly bilingual in Kruzean and English, and is also fluent in French, Chinese and Arabic.  

Member of Parliament for Flydale District since 1999, leader of the Progressive Democrats since 2012, she was elected President in February 2014, defeating the incumbent Michael Azoff.

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