The world of Thalgor is a Earth-like world which orbits around the yellow star Lete'nen (Light-giver in Alfish). It has two orbiting moons, the larger Luka'noctru (Lady of the Night) and the smaller Blue Orb. The world of Thalgor is 297,089,234 sq. miles big, but only 43 million sq. miles are actually land. There are five continents, Avröa, Vielnholm, Shunsou, Ion and Faletyr. There are also many seas, although some are still unknown and unnamed. The world is in a technological level of the 16th and 17th centuries, although there are steam machines and unusual mechanisms. Magic plays a key role in the world, and for most of its history.


Avröa: This is the main continent of





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