London Thames Estuary
London Thames Airport Logo Alton
Thames Estuary Airport Entrance
Airport type Public
Owner Alton Airports Services
Serves London
Location Westclife Abbey Marshes
Built September 14th 2011

London Thames Estuary or Westclife Airport as buses and locals say, is a airport in Abbey Marshes in Westclife. The airport had 11 million passengers when it was first opened in 2011. The airport had several birdstrikes and had a huge impact on the environment. A high-speed link to London and local trains to Ratclife St Ives Street.


1970s announcements

A announcement was made to build Thames Estuary Airport in 1973, but due to the oil crises and negative reactions with the public, meant that the plans we're cancelled

1990s announcements and plans

Another announcement was made to build Thames Estuary and the public approved and no crises were made, meant the plans we're on but the government pointed out the problems.

  1. Alton already has an airport and that airport is more effective
  2. There is a risk of a bird strike near the marshes
  3. Noise is a major problem as a university is built next to it.
  4. More traffic problems in the M1.

The government pointed out good points of the plan

  1. Increase passengers in Alton and London
  2. An rail link in the existing Westclife Abbey Marshes Halt can be made.
  3. The government can increase lanes in the Westclife - Sittingbrough section
  4. A tunnel can be built in Abbey Marshes to Rochford.

Building the new airport

In 2005, the airport was approved and the new building was being built. The rail link to Abbey Marshes section was easy and can be built first. The airport terminal 1 was built in 2010 but the Thames Estuary Railway Station was built in Mid 2011. A plan of terminal 2 was on hold but never really announced.


Thames Estuary Airport

Arial view in the hangar.

The airport has a strict rule of limiting 4 planes every hour and 2 planes in weekends. This was most criticised for. This and the built university near by, causes, large jumbo jets to be banned in the airport.

It has a lack of taxiways which makes it overcrowded. The airport is open at these times, 5am - 12pm, 1pm to 9pm in business days and 1pm - 4pm in Sundays. The airport is closed in Christmas and New Years although in the Olympics,the airport is still open.


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  • Birmingham Airport
  • Heathrow Airport
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​To Europe

  • Paris International Airport
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