First Battle of Andr

The OLEK-01 Upol engaging the shuttle.


The Rebels of B prepared to create an interstellar drive, and strike back at the OLDF headquarters on Sharia 3, they created a space shuttle in secret, equipped with a prototype hyperspace drive, which they looted off a crashed ship on the planet. As they sent it into orbit, they sent it to attack the floating cities of A. The colonists called the Upol immediately, and it arrived through the Interstellar Accelator to combat the shuttle.


The Upol deployed its Fighters, and battled the shuttle, it took little damage, but lost two fighters to the shuttles flak cannon. The shuttle retreated to Andr as the Upol appeared, and was driven onto the moons surface, where the crew were captured by OLDF orbital drop soldiers.


The rebels lost their only hope, and it was seen as direct hostile action against the Oppi-Laari, and they launched a full invasion from a deployable space station in orbit of the planet. The rebels surrendered and agreed to give the citizens of A full sovereignty over Andr, and the rebels were not allowed to own any weapons or spacecraft. Security forces from the OLDF arrived to “keep the peace”. Uprisings are common and bloody.

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