In that council they also decided where should the spirit of the dead go, for all things born within the World must stay in the World. And so they set the Laws and Father Law inscribed the proceedings of that council into a tablet of stone, which is called the Celestial Laws, which is kept in the safest place of the World, the City of Principle. For the City of Principle was sieged for so long and yet its walls did not fall. So the council agreed. The Laws stated that all death is to be granted rebirth, but must first come to the Hall of Memory. There the Faraum, who are appointed judges of the dead, will read the Book of Memory to them so that the dead may reflect their deeds in their lives. In the Spirit Realm they will wander until they truly repent their deeds, and testify before the Mirror of Self. If the Mirror of Self proved his repentance true, he will go to the Hall of Amnesia, and will there drink from the River of Tears to forget his past life. He will then sleep from the drowsiness of the drought, and be carried away by nightbirds to a new body in a mother’s womb or a newly dead body for special purposes.

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