Brother Sun, Sister Moon and Shadow were a playful bunch. They played and sang and dance to things joyous and good. They went about the Five Realms as they pleased, and life becomes insufferable to the Raum and even to the Deities. But the most insufferable of them all is the Sun, for his heat is too hot, and he had scorched all things in his path. It come to past when the Sun stumbled upon an arrau and burned him to death. That was the first death, and the Deities feared for the Raum, for they loved them. The body of the arrau had become ash, but his spirit has nowhere to go, because at that time the Deities did not plan for the Raum to die. The Deities held council in the Heavens, and Father Order suggested that the Sun and the Moon should be given a course to move about so that the world will have a rhythm to follow to avoid death. But they did not know death comes to the Raum in many forms. And so they agreed, and the Mountain Brothers and Sisters were summoned to build chariots for the Sun and the Moon. And Father Time set the course of the chariots. From then on the days were counted.

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