The Chronicles of Ollundra is the principle fantasy setting for Composite Games Limited and will be the first game to utilise the companies Dynamic 

The Chronicles of Ollundra
Hesperia Sepia

The Western lands of Ollundra.

"An Early Map of Hesperia by Craig Teal, 2013

The Setting for The Chronicles of Ollundra RPG and The Vow and Tempered Blade novesl.
Creator Craig Teal
Genre Novel/RPG
Type Fantasy world
Notable locations Hesperia

The Fey Lands
The Hive

Notable characters Humans

The Exaulted
The Fallen

Roleplaying System (DRS). As well as featuring as the setting for Composites Games first collectible card game and fictional works.

The Chronicles of Ollundra was first created by Craig Teal, the founder and managing director of Composite Game to be a new take on the fantasy genre by introducing additional themes to the standard fantasy genre. As time passed it became apparent that the size and complexity of the world would require more participation than just himself, so using the Composite Games brand he put together a creative team to work on building the the world of Ollundra.


The Continent of Hesperia
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The Lands of Ollundra

The lands of Ollundra orignally consisted of two large continents in one in the east known then as Sioneia (the Sun Lands in low elvish) and one in the west known as Efferia (the Twilight Lands in low elvish) , however during the age of strife and the subsequent cataclysm that followed the lands we fragmented into the four continents that exist today.

The four continents over time were renamed with the least effected land in the north west being named Hesperia by the men that settled their following the cataclysm. The south western continent became known as Evanui' Austri (the forgotten southlands), the north eastern continent is currently known as Certamins (The lands of eternal struggle) and finally the south east lands known simply as Umbravi (the lands of Shadow)

The people of the sundered world settled across the world with the largest concentration settling in Hesperia, though a few large cities and communities still exist on Certaminis.

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