Empire of Gralic

The Greater Gralican Empire, also known as the Empire of Gralic or the New Gralic Empire, is the empire under the current reign of Emperor Guillaume I of Gralic. It has become the dominant power across the continent of Haldras at the begining of the new industrial age.

Born as the Prince of the Eastern Marches, Guillaume was elected by popular vote to become the new King of Gralic in 1672. He retitled himself as the Emperor of Gralic, and he was crowned in the Grand-Temple des Théologiensralican on the 25 of Dracus 1672. The new Emperor proved himself to be a liberal autocrat. He granted the right of equality to all citizens of the Empire, both in the country and in the colonies. He passed the Abolshiment Act of 1674, which banned slavery in all forms from being practiced in any part of the Empire. He also passed laws which guranteed religous tolerance and freedoms. The new Emperor also began an attack on the aristocracy. He removed several privilages they had previously enjoyed, and he made it law that they could not avoid taxes. The Laws of Succesion destroyed the ancient feudal succesion and meant like the crown, the heir to an estate had to be elected for any of a landlord's children. It was from such cival and social changes that the core of the Empire's culture of equality and tolerance would form.

Emperor Guillaume wanted to continue on his father's work of turning Gralic into the top continental power in Haldras. He extended the size of his army to form Le Grande Corps, an army consisting of two hundred and twenty thousand men. He expanded the Ministry for War, and created the Imperial War Treasury to raise taxes for miltary means. In 1675, Emperor Guillaume invaded the now weakended Drascana Reich  

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