The First Empire of Gralica

The First Empire of Gralica, also known as the New Gralican Empire or Greater Gralica, is a new empire established by Emperor Gulliume I of Gralica. It has become the dominant continental power on the continent of Haldras, with a vast territory and numerous client states attached to the Empire.

The Empire has been born out of a reorganisation of the Kingdom of Gralica, which had lasted nearly nine hundred years. The old conservative King Antonie V of Gralica died in the capital city of Ris on the night of 23 Hammer, 1672. His son, the Prince of the Southern Marches, became King Guilliume III but he was not sasified with just this title. In the year 1274, his father-in-law, Great Prince Aldolf of Evrvin died, and then Guillume inherited the crown of Evrin.  

The country was orginally the Kingdom of Gralica, which has existed for nearly a thousand years. After the death of King Antonie V of Gralica in 1672, his son Gulliume inherited the crown from his father. His father-in-law, Olaf of 

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