The Floridian Authority
French: L'autorité Floridian
Spanish: La Autoridad Floridian
[[Image:|150px]] [[File:|100px]]
Motto: One Nation, One Ruler"
Anthem: Our Nation of Authority

Floridian Authority Map
Territorial Map of the Floridian Authority
Capital. Orlando, Florida
Largest City. Orlando, Florida
Official languages English, Spanish, French
Demonym Floridian
Government Military Dictatorship
President Kevin Carlos
 - Total

0.3 million sq ft
 - 2012 estimate

Gini 36.2
HDI (2012) Green Arrow Up Darker .991 (high) (1st)
Floridian Dollar
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .fl

The Floridian Authority is a dictatorship under the rule of Kevin Carlos. He gained power in 1980, when he took over Orlando. He took Orlando, then took Jacksonville, Southern Georgia, the Panhandle, Southern Alabama, Southern Mississippi, and Southern Texas. Disney World is was destroyed in 2001, and replaced by the large mega store, the Orlando Store. Downtown Orlando was restructured, designed by architect Michael Jacob Blake Moore (Floridian: Mike More). Without Disney World, children were more focused on education bringing more of the jobs in Florida to young 9 year olds. The nation was in comparison to Gongyang (North Korea, Northeast China, & the Primorsky Krai). Secular music such as hip-hop, and rock was outlawed, and old hip-hop and rock records were destroyed. The whole city of Pensacola was restructured and turned into the business and enterntainment hub of Florida.

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