The Forerunners

The Forerunners were an ancient alien race of possible extraterrestrial origins who had mysteriously disappeared in the prehistoric past, at around 35,000 years ago. They appear to of had a primary role the planet of Tycarius in the unrecorded past. It is not yet known by the scientists and philosphers of modern Tycariun societies if the Forerunners were in fact a native species to the planet or if they were invaders from another world in the Great Void. They had devolped a level of technolgy that is far superior to the steam-driven inventions of modern Tycarius. They could travel on so-called 'Void Ships' and 'sail' through the stars. They had cities that ran on renewable and clean energy sources that has been so called 'Manna'. They could also teleport short distances and had devices that allowed them to create force fields. The Forerunners were the first discovers of how to use magic, and they combined it with thier remarkable knowledge of science to create marvels. The Verdayne dwarf scholar, Ardyr Guldsmyth, coined the phrase 'techno-mage' to describe the special relationship between Forerunner magic and science. It has now become widely-believed the Forerunners may of built an inter-planetary empire, an idea that was orginally thought of as mad.

The marvels of thier technolgy has become the only reminants of the Forerunners left on Tycarius. Many ruins and artefacts have been scattered all over the globe, often hidden underneath the earth and rock. Others however, such as the Valley of Mirrors, have been preserved above ground. Over the centuries these sites had became revered by the local populations, and many false deities grew up because of these. The Forerunners had weapons that speciallised in both close-quaters and long-range fighting. Many folk tales of magical hammers and mythcal swords were often just the misinterprataion of Forerunner weapons as 'magic'.  


Little is known about the biology of the Forerunners. There have been a few remains found throughout the world, but so far no complete skeleton has ever been found. There have been recorded hologramic messages from the Forerunners, often mistaken for 'visions,' that have shown a full body of them. They were humanoid in appearance but had two pairs of arms and two legs. Each arm ended in a hand with three fingers, that had no thumbs. 

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