The Free Cities of The Sands are large pieces of civilization that form around what remaining rivers are between them. Each of the Free Cities has a unique trade infrastructure and military power. Each one rests west of the Moktol Canyon (where Nyklom is not allowd to claim land past). Bellow is a list of all the free cities and some larger towns.

  • Likalo
  • Fort Drivalo
  • Dryvtol
  • Baghbushi
  • Rogmad
  • Haktyk
  • Ryilt Major
  • Ryilt Lesser
  • Eryt
  • Iltka
  • Taskraki
  • Obtoll
  • Urtek
  • Yezrii
  • Omidraga
  • Makrye
  • Fomin
  • Meehye
  • Quolt
  • Tivolt
  • Fabudibal
  • Opal
  • Tydolt

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