The Free and Sovereign City of Ascan'nom

The Free and Sovereign City of Ascan'nom is the federal capital of the Transnational Economic Consortium of Thycanota and is historically the oldest settlement on the planet. It is considered the most important city in the Consortium, seen to represent the ideals of prensen civilisation. 


The name of the city is Ascan'nom, a name that is many millenium old. The city name means the 'city of Ascan,' named after its founder, the prophet Ascan. It is considered that Ascan teached the population of the city the Trade Laws of Deerg and established the first central banking system.  


The Age of Tribes

The geographical name for the local region around the city was the Plain of Harcus, a long narrow coastal plain found near Mount Zazharhan. The region became inhabited by hunter-gatherer groups roughly -9000 TC who hunted the local animals. These began as family groups,

Early History

The city of Ascan'non was founded by the prophet Ascan the Frugal as a small town in the year 1 T.C. Ascan united the Five Tribes by his manipulation of his charisma and through bribing the chieftains. He converted the population of the Plain of Harcus to worship the god Deerg, the deity of finance and wealth. These converts became the Followers of Deerg, a religious group that honoured their god through the ablity to control of scarce resources and to have wealth and status in the community. The barter system was abandoned and replaced by the shske, the first form of currency, in the 50s T.C. and legend has it that Ascan developed the first banking system on the planet. 

After the death of Ascan in 145 T.C. the town continued to grow until it reached city status in 405 T.C. 

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