The Grand National Party
Chairperson Bob Kendall
Spokesperson Barbara Foulkes
Opposition Leader Mitch McKenzie
Slogan Believe in Snowdonia
Founded 1925
Preceded by

Independence Party

Nationalist Party
Headquarters 25 Cranston Avenue, Villanova
Youth wing Young Nationals
Membership 85 000

Conservatism Christian Democracy Moderate Libertarianism,

Fiscal conservatism
Political position Right-wing
Official colours red
Seats in the Assembly 43 / 100
Governorships 3 / 6

The Grand National Party (GNP) is the main conservative party in Snowdonia. Founded in 1925, it is the oldest political party in the country and also the main government party throughout the 20th century.

Its historical rival is the center-left Liberal Party, currently in power.

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