Axara Xin Arrumph Arrumph, more commonly known as The Great Demon, is an evil demon summoned to Earth by Gerald Flowers to torment the rest of the world. She is also the dictator of over the Jellian Empire, which she conquered five months after she was put on Earth. She takes the form of a golden lab, but her true form is that of an enormous red praying mantis with horns. She is worshipped as a goddess by the people of Jellia, in a cult called The Church Of The Great Demon. Outside of Jellia she is hated however, particularly in the United States, Canada, and the UK. The US army is currently trying to find a way to kill her, but she is nearly immortal, and this will not be an easy task. As she gets older she becomes more powerful. She is made up 90% of black magic. This means she is almost an entirely spiritual being.


Life in Hell

Axara Xin Arrumph Arrumph was born in Hell in 256 AD. She was not born a normal birth, as she was a High Demon, but instead she was created by Lucifer. Her name in fact, translates to "she of Lucifer, destroyer of worlds" in Black Speech, the Satanic Language. She was raised up in a harsh way, as all of the other Demonic children were. She received harsh beatings, whenever she did something wrong. Even when she did what was expected of her, she sometimes received strict punishments, just for fun. That was the way things were in Hell; unfair. This, plus her demonic nature, contributed to her extreme evil. In 406 AD, she began Dark Edge School For Demons, a facility owned by Hell's Government, that would train her to be a nasty servant of Satan. Her teacher was Zexara Boo Larrol Kerrat. This 2000 year old demon was much harsher than the Keepers of Alacarveran, who had been in charge of her before now. The Keepers were very hard on her, but Kerrat was a nightmare. She made her eat cat feces, as well as stick her tongue in the Fleshmasher, for no apparent reason. The reason behind this was because it would further develop her satanic attitude and make her an agent of Hell, and enemy of God. Axara was relieved when she graduated in 1665. But that didn't last long because she soon was enrolled in the Demonic Police Corps by force. Even though she was property of Hell's government, which she hated, she did enjoy some of the missions because she got to torture beings to their insanity, which she as a developed demon, enjoyed greatly.

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