The Grox

The Grox are a extraterrestrial sapient species that have cyborg parts who are considered to be one of the most evil races in the Galaxy. They are amongst one of the oldest sapient species, having been directly created by the Makers over a billion years ago. They are famous for their natural hostilty to other races and their xenophobic attitude. They have become the most feared miltary power in the Galaxy, and they have a vast empire that is believed to have nearly two and half thousand colonies. Their empire is very close to the Galatic Core, and they block any travel to the Core.


The Grox are a species of bipedal mammal-like humanoid race, who stand on average at four foot two for males and three foot ten inches for females. A typical grox has light fur that has a light red colouration with black horizontaln stripes on their forearms, upper arms and thighs. The Grox are in their natural state a bipedal mammalian race that has a humanoid shape. They are a short species, standing at four foot on average for males and three foot five inches for females.

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