The High Council is the legislative body of the Kingdom of Nanteos. It has 24 members (two from each city) that are democratically elected. The Current makeup of the Council is 4 Independents, 12 Moralists, and 8 Freedomist

Councilor City Party
Sir William Powell Nanteos Moralist
Sir Charles Fikes Nanteos Moralist
Jack Kevlar Acornia Independent
Jacob Johnson Acornia Moralist
Senora Cruz Friendship Freedomist
Bruce Lowery Friendship Freedomist
Llud Coleman Jack's City Independent
Josh Prestone Jack's City Independent
Allen Sarethi Starfell Freedomist
Donald Fraid Starfell Feedomist
Demarcus Worthing Noirville Moralist
John "wild dawg" Kaufe Noirville Moralist
Bual Tubbs Jasper Freedomist
Marcus Harris Jasper Moralist
Tyler Floydd Psychograd Freedomist
Kit Smart Psychograd Moralist
James Giotto Crowe's Nest Moralist
Karl Buckley Crowe's Nest Moralist
Randal Cobb Russleville Independent
John Whitey Russleville Moralist
Nick Patterson Southbeach Freedomist
Jason McCloud Southbeach Freedomist
Sir George Nelson Dairyville Moralist
Macey Katt Dairyville Moralist

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