The Inter-Galactic Orbital Trade Imports Prossessing Centre
, Known commonly as The Hub, is the Milky Way's Trade Import Centre from nearby Galaxies such as Andromeda. It handles all Galactic Tariffs placed by the United Planets and Countries of the Milky Way (UPC-MW) each ship passing from one galaxy to the Milky Way docks at the milky way and sorts out their cargo, tax, immigration control (as placed by the Galactic Security Commision). 

The Station is Nicknamed the Hub as it is the hub of Trade in the Milky Way. 


The idea for the the Space Station was first put foward in 2057 by the UN, to encompass the Earth and handle taxes from the new Martian and Lunar colonies, the idea would not go foward until 2077, by then humans had begun exploring Andromeda. In 2089 the First Inter-Galactic Human Colony was Established on Gaia, in the Andromeda Galaxy. As new Colonies began to pop up in planets such as Armstrong, Apollo, Cerburus and Europa the Idea for an established trade route was put foward in 2108 at a convention in Armstong City, North American Lunar Colonies (Although it was to be held in Persia City, Iranian Lunar Colonies but a terrorist attack by anti-Iranian Bacholestan Rebels raised security concerns). Construction began in 2115 and it was completed in 2134. It required resources from over 17,000 space mining operations, 12 Planets and 178 countries, which were suppllied by the United Planets and Countries of the Milky Way. 

Early Use

In the Early days of it's completion in 2134 it saw an influx of traffic coming mostly from XI13-G523, A comet facing a worker's coup after being mined dry for Urainium to fuel China's ever growing Uranium needs to power their space stations, which ran on nuclear purpulsions as a multi-billion Yen Engine would spil an Atom every twenty minutes.

The Influx of Traffic in the early days also lessened hazzards such as space plague, which wiped out much of Venus in 2131. The Hub checked people for all known plagues and put those suspected in Quarantine, while before ships could land on any colony planet going un-noticed.

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