The Right Honourable
HRGG The Hux Hammansk of Airshisk
Governor General of Airshisk
Leader of the House of Faisers
Vice President Lord Hermann Montherovich
Preceded by None
Personal details
Born Ivar "Hanks" Hamannsk
8 November 2266
Queens Park, Airshisk, Great Kingdom
Political party National Socialist
Residence Governor Palace (Official), Rangechard, Airshisk
Profession Governor, Socialist Politician
Religion Charismatic Christian

Ivar "Hanks" Hamannsk, Hux Hamannsk of Airshisk, KGK, CC, (born 8 November 2266) is a Rodinian Socialist politician, Leader of the House of Faisers, and Governor General of Airshisk.

Early Life

Hamannsk was born on 8 November 2266, and is the son of Dmitri Pavlo Hamannsk and Irina Dragunskaya


Hamannsk was educated at AKEPI School, in the Nergville area of West Airshisk.

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