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The Western Köz Union of Federal Republics
The Köz Union
Motto: (English) Give what you can and take what you need.
Anthem: Öd yömens
and largest city
Official languages Standard Common Köz
Recognised regional languages Fèngë, Éket, Aban
Ethnic groups Fèngënòk, Éketnok, Abanek
Demonym Köz
Government Federal Republic
• Taxapër i xapër Fengëdenis
Xarok Über
• Setön xapër i xapër Eketödis
Agar Kurak
• Arön xapër i xapër Aban-saröös
Dadar Behin
Establishment 1086
• Establishment of Unified Fengëden
• Joining of Eketöd and Aban-saröt
• Linguistic and government reform

The Köz Union (frequently shortened to just "Union") is an union of countries located on the west of the continent Ad-Keğas on the planet Kagèf.


Establishment (1086)

In late 10th kesolir of 1st tadolir (roughly corresponds to Earth 1800s) Arek Kanbat, formerly the most experienced sharpshooter of the 2nd Skirmisher Regiment, the leader of the revolution and the most famous Köz regicide who killed three kings in his lifetime, decided to estabilish a sovereign state on ruins of monarchal Fèngë-saröt. The people quickly supported him because they were without king and defense. The Council organized a poll about the regime the people would support, and (presumably semi-presidential) republic was the most popular among the people so it was accepted.

Joining of Eketöd and Aban (1120)

24 years after the establishment of the Fèngë Republic, a revolution happened in Eketöd. The Ekets decided to establish their own country, but Fèngëdèn quickly took action and declared war against the new Eketöd. It took 9 years for Fèngëdèn to defeat and occupy Eketöd.

After defeat of Eketöd, Aban had little more choices than joining the union.

The Reform (1165)

After 45 years of peace and petty disputes between citizens and politicians, Bir Bader Xapat, the 15th president of the Union, organized a reform which involved modernizing the old Fèngë script and turning the government regime into sort of mixed federal/communist republic.


The current government regime is a mix of federal/communist republic, with Xarok Über being the head of the government and the president of Fèngëdèn.