The Middle-Left Report with Steven Earle is an Atlionese political and talk-show on the ABN news. The show aired on 3 February 2005 for the first time and airs from 6 PM to 6:30 PM Albion time. Steven Earle, a controversial self-defined "politically incorrect" liberal from Statesport, hosts the show. The show is generally defined as liberally bias, however, producers have stated "... it's in the name," referring to "Middle-Left" (center-left).



  • Steven Earle - chief anchor and host
  • Melissa Trevor - reserve anchor
  • Tony Francis - reserve anchor


  • Alfred Defraine - North Atlion correspondent
  • Timothy Casey - South Atlion correspondent
  • Arnold McLaine - Ixania correspondent
  • Felix Sloan - North American senior correspondent
  • Alexander Anthony - North American correspondent
  • Juan Fernandez - South American correspondent
  • Tebogo Salemi - African correspondent
  • Ahmed Ifran - Middle Eastern correspondent
  • Johan Heller - European senior correspondent
  • Bernadette Vernier - European correspondent
  • Mashita Tomi - Asian correspondent
  • Maggie Phillips - Australian correspondent

Reception and controversy

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