The New America (also internationally known as America: The Allied States) is a ten-part documentary television miniseries that premiered on December 15, 2011, on History. Produced by Jackson Clark, the program depicts the recent history of the Allied States, since shortly before its foundation in January 2007 to present. Narrated by Liev Schreiber, the series recreates many events by using actors and computer-generated special effects. The miniseries received positive reviews by critics, and it became one of the most-watched documentaries of the period.


The New America episodes
Episode # Title Description
1 "Independence" The Union of Everett and Cascadia have ceded from the United States; but Texas also wants to. The episode follows activists for independence from 2003 up until 2006.
2 "Revolution" Minor fighting has occurred throughout the United States, but the "rebels" persist and still demand a peaceful solution. The United States finally gives in. The episode plays over the course of merely a few days before and after the successful secession.
3 "Now what?" The Allied States of America has finally been born with minor financial assistance from the United States. But what now? The episode follows the newly forming government as they try to organize themselves and tackle the issues which already present themselves.
4 "2009 - 2010" The government has been recognized and the military is slowly building up. Now the government needs to deal with foreign policy issues, especially the Yarphese who have begun experimenting with weather control.
5 "WAR" World War 3 has begun, and the government is feeling more ready than ever to take on the new challenge. The episode summarizes the entire war and leaves out a small part of it at the end.
6 "We will never forgive" Wichita is destroyed by a Yarphese nuclear weapon - the Allied States retaliates. The country is left in mourning, and the government in a state of chaos. The economy has become extremely unstable and foreign debtors are waiting for their money.
7 "Just when it couldn't get any worse" A coup occurs and the economy finally crashes altogether - half the world is left in economic ruin as the Allied States dollar is worth nothing. The military and private contractors attempt to salvage the situation, and finally overcome the coup.
8 "New horizons" There is light at the end of the tunnel. Elections go well, and although the conspirators of the coup win, the country remains free from tyranny. The economy heals quickly. Much to the world's shock, the United States goes into chaos with violent protests - the Allied States intervenes and finally annex the remaining United States.
9 "Peaceful times" Relative peace for the Allied States, however, some domestic problems do arise. Young Senator Trevor Prince begins to establish a public profile for himself by ignoring party policy and doing what he sees fit.
10 "New frontiers" Unexpectedly, the Canadian government asks the Allied States to incorporate the remaining Canadian provinces into the alliance. Canada joins the Allied States as unincorporated territory and Mexico gives Baja California, which is basically uninhabited, to the Allied States as a gift. The future is looking good.

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