The Northern Republic of United Tazcia

The Northern Republics of Unified Tazcia, abbreviated to N.R.U.T. and mostly just called Tazcia, is a stratocratic state in the north-western corner of the continent of Amarja that has existed since the 49th Year of the Ninth Age (9/49). The nation is governed by a military junta, known as the Chief General Staff Council of Tazcia, which is chaired over by Field-Marshal Tmarvy Dor Volanski. The capital is based in the coastal city of Emur Dan. The country is a union of nine republics, but the goverment is highly centralisied. 

The Northern Republics were established by a miltary coup d'état that was known as that became known internationally as the Red Blizzard Coup in the year 9/49.  During the Coup, King Buras III was overthrown by the General Staff of the Tazcian Royal Army, under the leaderships of Field-Marshals Ayrmine Dor Kirnova, Tmarvy Dor Volanski and  and Amar Dor Mardrovisky. This began the Tazcian Civil War, fought between the newly-renamed Republican Army, and the counter-revolutionary Snow Leopards. The Republicans pacified all nine constitutional regions in the country over the following three years, renaming these regions as republics. The Republicans emerged victorious from the struggle. forming the N.R.U.T.    

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