This is a moon of the planet Ci, which serves as their sun, for the most part, giving them heat and some light. It is highly urbanised and has a high population density.

-Sharia 3,

This planet is in the Sharia system and is a forested planet orbiting a blue supergiant, so all the plants are black to adapt to the colouring of the star. It has some primitive life forms such as lizards and insects. It has a low population density.

-Frhitz 21,

This island-dotted planet is in the Frhitz system which has many, many planets, it is very crowded in the system it is a fairly dangerous planet, but not surprisingly it is rarely hit with Asteroids as the gravitational pull of the other planets protect it, it has a native insectoid sentient species which is at war with the colonists. It has a low population density.

-“The Twins” A and B,

These two planets are twins, so they are about the same size and orbit one another whilst orbiting their sun. They were the first planets to be colonised by the Oppi. They both have moderate population density. It has a medium-sized, habitable moon called Andr. The colonists of A and B are warring over who receives claimage of the moon.


The Oppi-Laari are an autocracy, they are ruled by a dictator,  but the government is not particularly oppressive or aggressive. When a dictator dies, a new one is elected from a list of 5 candidates, bringing, mental health, qualifications and history into consideration.


The Oppi are led by a charismatic young tactician by the name of Oboloh. He came to power with the death of his predecessor, Upol, he received an education in the military Arts school, he hails from “The Twin” A, he supports their claim to the moon of Andr, and believes that the war caused by “the patriots” has been a drain on the Oppi-Laari’s resources and pride. He is fairly welcoming to other races, and is attempting to establish a sustainable alliance or friendship with as many major powers as he can, but if it comes to war, he and the Oppi will be more than ready.

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