The Order of the Bear
Motto: Power through Knowledge
and largest city
Official languages

English -99%

French -1%
Ethnic groups

Bear 70%

Ghoul 30%
Demonym Bear
Government Despotism
• Regent
Albert di Maggio
• Advisor
Gregory Marius
Establishment 2132
• The Order of the Bear striked out from their vault and make their home in a mostly-functional RobCo facility.
• Make contact with Silver Grenadiers, a treaty is formed.
• Make contact with Redcoat Raiders, after initial violence the two sign a ceasefire agreement mediated by the Silver Grenadiers.
• The Master's super mutant invasion forms the Silver Order, the Order of the Bear is no longer independent.
2151 April
• Estimate
• Census

The Order of the Bear



The Bears left their Vault, 210 to explore the nuclear wastes, they were part of a very sophisticated Vault-Tec facility, which housed a firing range, laser pistols and 10mm pistols. But in 2130, the vault suffered a major failure, and in order to fix it, most of the pistols had to be melted down, so the Order decided to use only laser pistols in their range.

After a second major failure, the inhabitants were forced to leave, into the wasteland. The area about 10km outside Boston had, surprisingly, seen very little nuclear destruction, the city itself was ruined, but most of the surrounding area was scarred, but not destroyed. The technophiles wandered, looking for a home away from their dark cramped vault. They found an abandoned RobCo facility run by a paranoid ghoul. The ghoul opened fire with a pistol, and the Bears shot him with a laser, the first violence that they found.

They settled into the facility and got a defence system running, their population increased dramatically, their protectrons defended them from harm and their laser pistols furthered their defence.


Eventually they outgrew their facility.and had to go on an expedition, half the population left the RobCo facility and moved on to another facitily, this time a nearby Repconn site, where the Bears found out that the facility had already been claimed, this time by the Silver Grenadiers, this time, however the claimants were prepared to give up th facility in return for a treaty of mutual aid and defence.

Then in 2135, they sent out more expeditionary forces, mostly consisting of 2 protectrons and 10 laser pistol soldiers. One of te expeditions walked straight into an ambush after investigating a large city in the distance, Cabinwood. First, snipers destroyed the protectrons as riflemen burst from the bushes, defeating the remainder, only one Redcoat died, and only one Bear got away. He returned to the Order and told them of the fiercely organised raider gang.

War began and the Order dispatched more and more troops, ad the fighting was unsatisfying and costly to both sides, so the Silver Grenadiers stepped in to mediate the war, because they were an ally of both sides. The fighting stopped after two weeks and the Order and the Redcoats decided to start an unstable alliance. This war is still a focal point today, and it still undermines relations between the two.

Then in the War of the Tomahawks, in 2145, relations, which were still unstable began to stabilise, as well the combined efforts of the Redcoats and Order in the clearance of the Railway in 2142. The two eventually began to lose their suspicion and started to begin a stable relationship finally after so many years. 

In 2151, the Super Mutant threat grew greater, and the Order ceased to be, becoming part of the Silver Order.