The Order of the Golden Shiel

The Order of the Golden Shield (dubbed "Goldies") are a benovalent multi-national order of knights in the world of Thalgor. Their elbem is a gold shield on a field of red, with rays coming from the shield. It accepts both men and women regardless of background or beliefs. Their leader is Amelia Stonehelm, a dwarf ex-warrior from the Goldtooth Range. They are welcome in many countries, and are lawfully good.


In 1023, a young farmboy named Yarl Windhelm was tending his flock of sheep in the farmlands of southern Gallica. A knight, a gold dragon in disguise, appeared to the boy, and gave him a gold shield that could deflect every blow, and it could kill any evil being by using the benovlant light inside. He told the boy he was destined for greatness. The boy spend his formative years training with the shield and a stick against his best friend, Louis Hill. His uncle Mario Windhelm gave his a sword for his seventeenth birthday. Louis and Yarl

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