The Flag of the Pennsylvania Republic

The Pennsylvania Republic was established shortly after the Blackout and is now the most powerful nation in the world, presiding dominance over The United Kingdom, The South American Confederacy, The Russian Empire, Australia, and the remnants of the German 4th Reich, which fled to Africa after the European War.


The Pennsylvania Republic was established shortly after the blackout, which was a worldwide event that caused all forms of electricity to stop working on the date 4-16-24. In Philadelphia, PA, a small group of U.S. Army soldiers led by future General Jack Westoff, left service due to the self-proclaimed leader of the soldiers, Ryan Weiss, attempting to make himself a king in the area, using whatever means necessary. A brief 2-week war ensued, with Westoff's troops coming out on top. They saw that the people in Philadelphia need some form of leadership to keep them from killing everyone, so Westoff established the Pennsylvania Republic to keep order.

The Establishment Wars

The Establishment Wars, despite their name, were really just taking out gangs that had made themselves kings in the post-blackout world. The earliest skirmish was with the Pit-bull, on the west side of Philadelphia. After Philadelphia had been completely secured, with the death of one of Westoff's best-friends, Michael Krause, who later became a revered figure in the history of the Republic, with the highest military honor being the Krause emblem, General Westoff made his headquarters at Independence Hall, which still serves as the Capitol building.

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