The Persephones are a Georgeland rock band formed in 2004. Consisting of Amelia Bolton (guitar & vocals), Sadie Howard (guitar), Georgia Cahill (bass) and Lydia Foskey (drums), the band was formed as a High School group in 2004 while all four members were attending school in Doubledance. Playing mostly school gigs, the band cut a demo tape and distributed it to various radio stations in 2005. One of the stations was local youth network Whiz FM, which played the single Over Time. The song became a popular hit and was soon exported to the rest of the country. A second single, Imaginary Friend was released in September 2005. The third single, a cover of Guns 'n Roses song November Rain, released in November 2005, charted at number 3 and reached the charts in Australia and the UK as well. The quartet's first album, the imaginatively-titled Aliens Stole My Handbag was released to positive reviews in February 2006. The album sold well, and the band announced a nation-wide tour to promote it throughout 2006, followed by a tour of Europe and the UK.

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