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President Lawton Trapped in Scandal

Oct 14, 2012

Current president Don Lawton is caught in a scandal currently as it is being alledged that the new drug law he passed, which only punished dealers and cultivators, not possersors (but it did seize illegal substances from possesers.) Was created with the purpose that Lawton's new drug seizure agency HADKPS (Halt All Distribution, Keep the People Safe) sold the seized drugs back to organized crime agencies, who took a huge hit after all drugs were decriminalised in Gibland by the previous president. No arrests have been made yet but if Lawton is arrested he will be the second president to be arrested during a term, all the opposition parties are requesting he call an election and he is expected to respond to this within the next couple days, unless he is convicted, in which case he will be forced to resign.

Lawton Calls Election After His Arrest.

Oct 23, 2012

Blueville Police seized several tapes in a gang controlled vehicle which were transporting them today. The tapes contained President Don Lawton and Blueville Spanish Mafia leader Samuel Urbano Robles. Also found in the vehicle was the body of a woman whose name was not released, the tapes were obtained from a wire she was wearing; it is suspected that she was doing vigalante work and was going to turn the tapes in. Mr. Lawton is officially being charged with racketeering and conspiracy to commit a drug offense. Mr. Lawton is also a person of interest in the murder of the un-named woman. During his arrest, the only statement made by Lawton was his descision to indeed step down from his position as president. The election is scheduled to take place exactly two months from now, and the most heated campaigns ever are expected. Mr Lawton's court date is December 29th, 2012.

Blue Again

December 23, 2012

A sea of Bue hits the country, Light Blue, that is; Neil Groom is once again the president, in Gibland's first majoirty government since 2006. He narrowly won the majority with 51 seats. 39 seats went to the Monkey Party, as they acheive their best result since 2006. The Union Party lost a little bit of support, dropping to ten seats, while the Conservative Party landslid, recieving less than one percent of the popular vote and becoming a fringe party. President Groom said this to media. 

"I am thrilled to be back in the presidency to restore our country to what it used to be, I have always been and will continue to be clear on every descision I make, I will always make the best descision according to the wellbeing of the whole country, as that is the duty of our government."

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