Federal Republic of mars moving mars novel

Flag was inspired by novel Moving Mars

European Union Relocation act of 2456 &nbsp

The Republic of Mars is the goverment set up on Mars and the key to the success of the United States of America and the Russian Federation. It is also one of four super powers in the sol system. Its population is comprised of Humans, Greys, and the remnants of the Nomadic Confederacy. Its Alliance between the United States and Russian Federation has supported them through countless conflicts both physically and politically. Also is the reason for the preservation and success of the European Union Relocation act of 2456


The Landing

Humanity colonized Mars after colonizing the moon Mainly four majoir colonies United States of America, China, Russia, and India.

Twenty Years Later

A war breaks out between China and India. India destroys Chinese terraformers. China in retaliation destroys India's agracultural structures, United States sends relief to India's colonies.

Japan's Arrival

Japanese colonists along with South Koreans arrive they immediatly begin working on terraformers.

The South Korean Incident

South Korean colonists brought with them a learning computerit immediatly began calculating the odds for peace with other colonists it got to the People's Republic of China and came to the conclusion that China would be a threat to Mars and the colonies. It attempted to kill them but the Russian Militia discovered this and stopped it.

The Revolution begins

After a disaster put three colonies into poverty China neglected the colonists. The United States took care of the colonies for the people's protection.

HIstory PT. 2

Revolution Part.1

Most colonies on Mars became shanty towns.

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