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The Republic of New Deseret
Motto: Sacrificium Deo spiritus Kessinger (May God bless Deseret)
Anthem: Deseret, We Love Thee
Capital Denver
Largest city Phoenix
Official languages English, Spanish, Navajo
Government Representative Democracy
• President
Mark Synthins (Social Democrat)
• Prime Minister
Rocky Anderson (Social Democrat)
• Vice President
Ruben Gallego (Progressive)
• First Minister of the State of Utah
Jason Chaffetz (Deseret Independence)
• First Minster of the Navajo Nation
Leonard Tsosie (Navajo)
Cabinet of Elarators
House of Commons
Establishment September 5, 1934
• Total
424,572 sq mi (1,099,640 km2)
• Estimate
GDP (PPP) estimate
• Total
HDI 0.920
very high · 10th
Currency Western Dollar (Щ)
Time zone Mountain Time Zone
Drives on the right
Internet TLD .DES

The Republic of New Deseret is a nation in North America. It has a population of 17,813,327, which makes it the 59th largest nation by population. It has 4 states, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, and 1 district, Denver.

Its capital is Denver, and it's biggest city is Phoenix, Arizona. It is 424,572 square miles big, making it the 60th largest nation by area.

Its GDP is 813 billion, making it the 19th richest country. The Republic of New Deseret has the world's second largest percentage of LDS members, with 14% of the nation being members.

The Republic of New Deseret is led by a five member council consisting of the president, prime minister, vice president, the First Minister of Utah, and the First Minister of the Navajo Nation.


During the 1840's, members of the LDS church, who felt threatened by the US government, fled to the area near the Great Salt Lake. While they supported being independent, they were annexed by the US after the Mexican-America War. During the Civil War, the Utah and Arizona territories seceded, forming the Republic of Deseret. It became fully independent after the CSA won the Civil War. Despite being a republic, it was largely controlled by the LDS church. As the LDS church became less and less popular, people eventually lost support for the government. During the Gret Depression, the government was overthrown by non-Mormons. They formed the more democratic republic of New Deseret, where the LDS church had far less power. Because of this, many Mormons became disenfranchised with the current government, and started petitioning for the independence of the largely Mormon state of Utah.



Utah is the 2nd smallest state in New Deseret by population, with a population of 3,101,833. It has a majority Mormon population.

Its largest city is Salt Lake City, the 12th biggest city in the republic.


Colorado is the 2nd largest state in the republic by population, with a population of 5,607,154.


Arizona is the largest state in the Four Corners Republic by population, with a population of 7,016,270.

It also has Phoenix, the largest city in the republic.

New Mexico


Since independence the Republic of New Deseret has been dominated by two parties: The Social Democratic Party, and the United National Party. However, the Republic of New Deseret also contains several parties that are large enough to have seats.


Party Name Ideology Cabinet of Elerators MPs (out of 145) House of Commons MPs (out of 419) In Government? Political Position
Social Democratic Party Social democracy, left-wing nationalism, progressivism, social liberalism 41 154 Yes Centre-left
United National Party Conservatism, civic nationalism, federalism, liberal-conservatism 36 109 No Centre-right
Deseret Independence Party Deseret nationalism, right-wing populism, right-wing nationalism, 16 44 No Right-wing
Ruralist Alliance Nationalism, fiscal conservatism, right-wing populism, Islamophobia 13 27 No Right-wing
Libertarian Party Radical centrism, right-libertarianism, laissez-faire, social liberalism 10 25 No Centre to centre-right
Progressive Party Progressivism, social democracy 3 21 Yes Centre-left to Left-wing
Navajo Party Navajo nationalism, native american rights, liberalism, Third Way 8 13 Yes Centre-left to centre
Centre Party

Centrism, agraianism, liberalism, post-nationalism, Third Way

6 10 Yes Centre
New Left Alliance Democratic socialism, left-wing poulism, progressivism, left-wing nationalism 5 6 Yes Left-wing
National Front Neo-Nazism, White nationalism, Islamophobia, national conservatism 1 2 No Far-right
Corner-Republican Party Neo-conservatism, federalism, neo-liberalism 0 1 No Centre-right
Six seats in the Cabinet of Elerators and seven seats in the House of Emerators are indpendents.

The parties on the political compass