The Residence, formally 105 Republic Way, is the official home and workplace of the Prime Minister of Georgeland. Built in the 1930s, the first Prime Minister to occupy it was Bertram Powell.


The Residence, Topstad

The Residence houses the Prime Minister's office and staff. It is actually quite small, and in recent times has been rather overcrowded. The ground floor is the Prime Minister's office, holding his personal political staff and civil service of the Prime Minister's small government department. The first floor of the building is the residence proper, where the Prime Minister resides. The Residence, unlike many government houses, contains only four bedrooms, making it inappropriate to house visiting dignitaries. In recent years, many of the Prime Minister's staff employed by the government (as opposed to political staff employed by his/her party), have begun to work out of the nearby Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Office buildings.

The Residence staff, political or otherwise, are officially part of the Office of the Prime Minister, which is a separate organisation to the Prime Minister's department. The OPM can be compared in many ways to the Executive Office of the President in the United States.

Recent security additions have strengthened the fence around the building and placed it under constant camera surveillance. It is contained within the Federal District No-Fly Zone. Other recent additions to the building included the addition of broadband internet cabling and a communications room for use in military operations. Prime Minister Zoe Parker has recently upgraded the tennis court on the grounds, which remained largely unused during Campbell Rhodes's occupation of the building.

There are approximately 57 staff associated with the Residence, including custodial and household staff, political advisers and public servants. The staff are managed by the Residence Chief of Staff.

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