The Sĕl Iadæare a secret orginazation that were created at the end of the The Iron Wars. They were formed to be the protectors of the magic-using House Garradin after the House was destroyed at the hieght of the Wars.

History of the Sĕl Iadæ

The Sĕl Iadæ were formed by the last surviving member of the House Cardamedua to ensure that Cardamedua's fellow House, Garradin, would survive.

Relations with other Political Factions

The Sĕl Iadæ's relation with other kingdoms and orginasations on Haddashall is very strained due to the Sĕl Iadæ's belief that all humans should be servants to the White Sage, a person of wisdom who rules the Sĕl Iadæ.

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