The Shrael Valley

The Shrael Valley is a glacial valley formed by the Shrael River that has traditionally formed the border between the Republic of Shazarael and the Northern Realm of Tazcia. The Valley has several major towns and numerous villages that are located around the Shrael. The Shrael River, and ultimately the Shrael Valley, flows first southwards from its source in the Tazcian Peaks for twenty-seven miles, and then flows westwards for sixty-three miles, and finally flows in a south-western direction for a further for twenty-one miles. The Valley then gives way to the Zeeland, and the river continues on to the Bay of Mandais. 

The Shrael Valley itself measures ultimately one hundred and eleven miles in total. The Valley begins very narrow in the mountains, but broadens the closer it comes to the coast. It is noted that there is a ridge that 

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