The Simple Lice are a comedy music quartet from Georgeland, formed in 1998.
The band began its life as a trio of Paul Darrenson, Stephen Prentice and Mick Kaine, but a fourth member, George Mendez, joined in 2004. The band are known for their skillful emulation of other musical groups and pinpoint accuracy in their parodies.
The band's comedy draws largely on absurdist humour and non-sequiturs, as well as their continual onstage bickering. Their songs are generally parodies of the music of other groups and styles, but they rarely directly parody another song.



The Simple Lice have a number of songs they perform at most gigs. These include:

  • What Key Are We In (this 'song' is really just the four band members tinkering with their instruments and arguing. It is usually performed at the beginning of a show.)
  • My Mother Has No Nasal Hair
  • I Really Do Have Quite A Large Penis
  • Everybody's Talking to Jesus Except Me (a parody of a Country and Western song.
  • My Grandmother Roller-Skates to Work
  • Sunglasses Men (a parody of Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash)
  • Olympic Anthem (a satirical song for the Olympic Games in which many countries are insulted.


  • A Little Slice of Lice (1998)
  • Itchy Trigger Finger (2000)
  • Men in Yellow (2003)
  • Not A Real Album (2005)
  • The Simple Lice Sell Out (2007)

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