The Stream is a way of information invented in 1587CT. It allowed information to go from one device to another.


Riverboat, the first 'Boat' program.


The system works by havering a special file stored on the computer. If such device has access to the stream, others can view it. There are multiple file types each with strengths and weaknesses.


For a device to get access to the stream, it must have both a 'boat' program and a connection.



.riv is a standard type. It is the most used as of 1600CT.


.cav is difficult to locate unless you already know where to find it. Many use it for methods of secret communication.

The use of .cav networks are illegal in the UNP.


.rsn networks are very similar to .riv ones, except that only the Resnish Government can create .rsn files. This is to tell if it is really the Resnish Government.

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