United Oceanic Isles
Flag Seal
Motto: Exsistunt Montes Aqua
Official Anthem: The Grand Oath
Largest city
New Castro
Launceston, SA
Official language English
Demonym Insulans
- Supreme Executive
Brian J. Archer
Formation 12/5/13
Population 41,439,251
GDP $9.23 trillion (USD)
Currency Insulan Zet (iZ, iζ, ζ)
Date Formats YYYY-MM-DD
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD(s) .uoi
Calling code +23

The United Oceanic Isles (abreviated as UOI) is an insular nation founded by Domco International's CEO and Supreme Executive of the United Isles, Brian J. Archer . Since Eastland's establishment as Domco's private island, the growing company has purchased eight more regions in exchange for various favors to consumer nations.


note: Please do not accept this page until December fifth of this year in an effort to maintain realism and consistency.

Brian Archer proposed the possibility of Domco becoming an independent state soon after Chile had exchanged the Chiloé Archipelago in return for bailing out a crumbling manufacturing industry. The board discarded the notion with one member saying, "Even if Domco were to be accepted as a corporate nation, why would we want that. The company would be demolished by the UN and your ridiculous nation with it." Archer would address the same idea four times before the board saw enough resources for such a pursuit.

Expansion and Independence

Domco's original property was a decent-sized building in Castro, Chile until the signing of the Midway Treaty which exchanged Eastern island for monetary leniency in the Independent States.

Self-Containment Proposal

On announcing the UOI's formation, Supreme Executive Brian Archer declared his nation would pursue no more territory lest it is specifically offered in exchange for service or further leniency in dept.

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