The War of the Empires

The War of the Empires is an ongoing conflict that has engulped the world of Uldera. It involves most of the nations, with few still remaining nuetral. It is divided into two factions,the League and the Union, who now seek to wipe out the other.


In the year 1321 D.C.C., the League was founded after the Third Demon War. It was called by High King Takris XII who wanted an alliance of the mortal races against another demoic invasion. Every race, ranging from orcs to leprechans, were invited to join. The Industrial Revolution spread out of the continent of Souldrus, and nations became imperilsit. In 1323, a plague of undead broke out in northern Tigertoothia. The League responded by sending mages to sink the area under the New Sea, resulting in the deaths of two million people, mainly orcs. The Tigertoothian emperour Orgor VIII left the League

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