The World of Thudd: A Joint World Building Project by Tommy & Charlene

Index | Of Thudd the Great Tree | Of Thuddin Reckoning
Of the Thuddim & Thuddin Magic | Of Thuddir Speech

First Epoch

In the early days, each complete cycle of seasons is accounted as an Age. There is only a single Age in the First Epoch.

Second Epoch

Two cycles are accounted as an Age. 2 Ages in this Epoch. (Season=800years) (2400 years: cycle) (4800 years: 2nd Epoch)

Third Epoch

4 cycles are accounted as an Age. 3 Ages. (Season=400years) (6400 years: cycle) (19 200 years: 3rd Epoch)

Fourth Epoch

There was a blur in the accounting of Ages for the cycles of seasons varied, until it dimmed into the next Epoch.

Fifth Epoch

There is no more cycle. The seasons are now Day and Night.

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