Here is a progression of snapshots of the milieu of my protagonist, Ken


Ken is the protagonist of my novel. Ordinary Joe, he is transformed into a superpowered entity with the result that he is now an uber superman. These next 10 figures/milieus orient his polycosmos, that which he can explore with his faster-than-light gift. If anyone's interested, proceed from figures 1 through 10 to check his milieu out. Each Milieu is interconnected to the others by insets--some to scale, others not. You've seen those diagrams of the "scale of the universe? This series is like that, on an immense scale. #1, here, is the few light years of the Solar neighborhood. That 5 light year scale? The thick red line represents 29 trillion plus miles; at the fastest speed of the Apollo astronauts in their rocket--better haul some gas--it would take about 140 thousand years to go that far. Ken can zip that far, at low gear, in a tiny flash part of a nanosecond. (go to Milieu 2)

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