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Thelmadoria, an O-class planet with a population of Day Lords and Night Lords, a member of a race of advanced deities or demigods, their true origins remains unknown. The planet's surface is a vast plain of grasslands, and pine forests. The urban area is populated with Day Lords and Thelmadorians.

Capital & Cities

The capital city of Thelmapolis is the largest city on Thelmadoria about 999,000,000 people lives in the city, and about 900,000,000 of them are Day Lords. A city called Meridiana is a major trade center for over 1,000 years. Meridiana has a population of 45,000,000 people.


The mainland of Thelmadoria and location of their capital city of Thelmapolis.


Thelmador was already inhabited with the Relks, and Geths. The Relks were granted lands of their desire. The Thelmadorians invaded Thelmador in 7,000 S.A.


Thelmador is a federal democracy meaning the people have rights. Unlike Earth, Thelmadoria has a free workers guild. The Relks and the Geths were treated as equals.


The planet's name was taken to be from Thelma the Great, a Thelmadorian queen of the 5th century S.A. Great empires began to form like the Arragaustic Dynasty which ruled from 9575-8585 S.A. The Day Lord Houses were ruling Thelmadoria for a long time.Then in 100 A.C. the planet came under lordships and kingdoms.


Thelmadorian Coalition Party, a political party of Thelmists, or supporters of Queen Thelma II that was created in 1507 A.C. This party was made up of minor delegates. A coup broken out between feudal lords and their serfs called domiciliefs.

Thelmadorian liberal party: A Thelmadorian political party that was the true mastermind behind many political organizations including the Committee for Thelmadorian Unity or COMTHELMUNI.

Gunguard: The old name given to the member of the Thelmadorian Liberal Party. The name might of had a true meaning to it.

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