Theme of Western Tameros
Location of Western Tameros
Capital None
Largest city Deltis
Ethnic groups Nutametir (78%), Oritametir (8%), Other (14%)
Government Absolute monarchy
Markl II
• Advising body
Overlord's Council
Currency Cust(s)
The Theme of Western Tameros (commonly just Western Tameros) is one of the petty kingdoms of Tameros located in the continent's western hemisphere on the Protruding Peninsula. It is bordered by herp to the north, derp to the east and merp to the south.

Western Tameros takes the form of an absolute monarchy whereby the Overlord is the hereditary ruler. The Overlord is supported by his Council which in many respects acts as a quasi-legislative body, developing Western Tamerosi law. The Overlord is currently Markl II of the House of Pulchari, which has been the ruling dynasty since the establishment of the Theme in XXXX.

The Theme has no set capital city. As per custom, the Overlord and entourage settle in a different Western Tamerosi city (where a monarchical residence is located) each year as a way of showing the Monarchy is all representative. The commercial hub as well as largest city in the Theme, however, is Deltis.


The colonialist settlers which established what is today Western Tameros are originally from the distant land of the Themonian Sovereignty. In XXXX, King Alexd III of the ruling Rumari dynasty of Themonia decreed that his most formidable political opponents be expelled from the realm. These included predominately the Pulcharians, who had ruled Themonia for generations prior to the ascent of the Rumarians. Trentn Pulchari, House Master at the time, became the de facto paterfamilias of all those expelled and set course in XXX for Tameros - a land known to be "invested" with barbarian tribes. This was around the same time when <EVERYONE ELSE WENT THERE>.

Trentn and his some 5,000 entourage arrived on the southwestern coast of what is today the Portruding Peninsula on XXXX and promptly established a settlement protected by a fort. The prejudice against the native tribes as immediately apparent as the Themonian Alaenigens forcefully removed tribes in the area around the settlement. At that time, still going by Themonian convention and politico-culture, Trentn was chosen as the settlement's magistrate, giving him the title of Lord. He soon established a governmental bureaucracy mainly revolving around defense and economic expansion.

In XXXX, Trentn ordered two 50-man scouting expeditions to move up the east and south coast of the Protruding Peninsula respectively in an effort to find more natural resources.






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