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Map of Thietia in Pangam-Pangat
Demonym Thietian
Countries H'Dtariaen Empire, Hiluxian Empire, Hogoonese Empire,
Languages Hilux, K'Bonish, Tongiva
Largest cities Ixhal, H'Dtari, Hớgoońg, Toloc Sumí, Tocto Zuma

Thietia (Hiluxian: Thietla) is the largest continent in Pangam-Pangat. It is centrally located in the planet.


Relevant media: Geographic map of Pangam-Pangat

Thieth Peninsula

The Thieth Peninsula, which consisted exclusively of the H'Dtariaen Empire from date to date, consists of 90% dense Taiga forests. The Northernmost areas of the Peninsula is Tundra. The Central Crossway, which is classified as part of the Peninsula, is mainly tropical forest. The R'Arfus Mountains separates the Peninsula proper and the Central Crossway, with Mount E'Eurabon as the highest peak (in the Central Crossway and peninsula alike).

Middle Thietia

Middle Thietia, is characterized by thick jungles in its northern area and deserts and plains in the south. Land here is relatively flat and is good for farming and hunting. The largest natural feature is the Telzeco River, which spans much of the region. This area is where the Hiluxian Empire is found, but other tribes associates with the Hiluxians (the Xaret, Ashur and the Azatle) also live here.